Holiday Cruz

Twas two weeks before Christmas, and all through the Cruz,

I was searching for holiday, but the city refused.

The people wore shorts, flip-flops, and shades,

Very unlike dress near the Cascades.


The surfers were riding their boards on the waves,

Not even December could influence their ways.

And I at a desk, sitting in my Sanuks,

Still found myself plagued, hitting the books.


When all of a sudden, an epiphany did strike,

Pandora radio could bring some delight.

To a holiday station, so quickly I turned,

Jingle Bells, White Christmas, the songs that I yearned.


The music, though joyful, had me riding the fence,

For the lyrics just didn’t make very much sense.

Unless Jimmy Buffet sang all the tracks,

Christmas songs here are pretty much whack.


How can you sing about snow and a fire,

When the temperature outside keeps rising higher?

The weather outside is surely not frightful,

More like El Nino keeps it permadelightful.


And don’t get me started on the house where I stay,

For Christmas this year, the owner’s away.

Why spend time and money decorating the house,

If no one’s around, not even a mouse?


I guess they forgot, with my employment,

I’ll actually be here, for most of advent.

I understand their reason, it’ll save them some bucks,

But I gotta be honest, still it sorta sucks.


No holly, no lights, not even a tree,

The roof over my head is quite Christmas free.

I agree with Kevin, who put up a fight,

A treeless Christmas just isn’t right.


But then it hit me, cliché it may be,

Christmas is not at all about me.

From the child in the mirror, the focus must turn,

To the child in the manger, a rehashed lesson to learn.


Christmas is more than lights, music, and snow,

It runs deeper than a mood I now know.

Lost is something Christmas can’t be

It lives inside those, who choose to believe.


So, bring on the sun, the heat, and sunscreen,

Regardless of how messed up it may seem.

If Jesus is Christmas and that gift is free,

Perhaps I’ll give in and decorate a palm tree.


~ by jontroll on December 12, 2011.

One Response to “Holiday Cruz”

  1. Very clever! You can always decorate a Christmas palm tree!

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