Dine or Dash

Being in internship limbo has given me some time to focus and reflect on something that really matters: food. Having now been in Santa Cruz for a little over a month, I’ve had a decent chance to get my Adam Richman on and check out the local food scene. That being said, I think it’s time for my first food review post (as undoubtably there’ll be more). And I see that I used the word “food” in every one of these opening sentences (including this one), but I think I’m just going to leave it be…just so you know that I know…that you know that I know.

1. Pizza 1 (Dine)

A New York-style pizza that will melt your face. Given, face melting is typically reserved for a description of rock perfection (and Nazis who mess with the Ark of the Covenant), but it’s honestly the only way I can begin to explain what’s happening here. I was going to suggest that they change their name to “Slice of Heaven,” but I googled it and found that that name’s already been taken. I ordered a local favorite (sausage and mushroom) and honestly wished getting full wasn’t a thing.





2. Britannia Arms (Dine)

Bangers and Mash that will make you weep. I’m a sucker, like most of my family, for good mashed potatoes so Britannia Arms has somewhat of an unfair advantage over the competition. That being said, if you come to visit and I don’t take you here, slap me. Plus, this spot is pretty much right on the beach, so that adds a few points.



3. Sno-White Drive-In (Dash)

Don’t be fooled by the name. The only “happily ever after” you get here is when you decided to eat at Britannia Arms instead.

Funny side note: I heard the owner was once arrested for shoplifting ground beef from a local grocery store. Apparently, hamburgers sell better when they come with meat.






4. Lucys Hot Dog (Dine)

Here’s my Shyamalan twist…and I’ll be frank: get the pulled pork sandwich. I think the owner sprinkles crack dust on them because there’s a good possibility that I may be addicted…well, you know there must be some sort of drug in play here; I mean, look at the man’s pants!





5. burger. (Dash)

A reluctant “dash.” I’m torn with burger. (burger dot). I ordered “The Dude” which was a great bacon and avocado burger…but it came with more than just fires; it also came with that special “gift that keeps giving” quality. If I wanted to keep tasting my lunch all day, I would’ve gotten a Costco dog and saved eight bucks. But, I suppose it could’ve been worse…I could’ve actually been tasting a Costco dog all day. The grape soda almost made up for it.

…Ah, who am I kidding? I’ll be back.


6. Ferrell’s Donuts (Dine)

The Top Pot of Santa Cruz (or Frost, or Henry’s depending on your persuasion). That’s about it…I mean, they’re doughnuts (and yes, doughnuts; not donuts).





Alright, that’s a wrap for now. I know you all have busy lives, and many of you play multiple rolls, so I relish the fact that you’ve mustered the time to ketchup on my blog. I’m sorry, enough of the puns; I realize they’re not easy to digest…especially given the fact they’re probably some of the wurst you’ve heard. Seriously, I’m done now…put a fork in me.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve gained about 60lbs since arriving here, but it’s totally worth it.


~ by jontroll on November 10, 2011.

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